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Tired of the neighbor’s lawn looking better than yours?  Don’t want a patchy, brown lawn?  Want your lawn and garden to grow like crazy?  Then we have the topsoil for you!  Our High Quality rich Valley topsoil has an added mixture of peat moss and manure.  We can build your new lawn for you!

Our topsoil is screened and easy to work with. It allows water and nutrients to flow through the soil for a healthy lawn or garden and DOES NOT contain any human by-products or biosolids.

Uses include:

  • Lawns and gardens
  • Flower beds
  • Planting of new trees and shrubs

A minimum of 4” deep is recommended for growing grass and 6” deep when placed over sand. 

Delivered: $23.50/yd. plus HST (Under load and/or delivery fees may apply)

Picked up in yard: $30.00/yd. plus HST

Top Soil Sample

See our handy calculator to find yardage required.

*PLEASE NOTE: Underload fees apply when ordering less than 12 yards and delivery fees may apply if your location is outside our local area.



Free Delivery in Local Nova Scotia Area
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