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Is your toilet flushing slow?  Is your backyard always wet and smelly?  Building a new home that requires a septic system? Does your old septic system need to be replaced?  We can help with septic system design and installations!  Peter Kalkman, a licensed QP installer, will take the hassle out of septic replacements, taking care of all the paperwork for you. We are here to answer your questions and work with you!

Our Septic System Installation Services Include:

Lot assessments

Perk tests

New home septic design and installation

Replacement septic design and installation

Pump septic tanks

New to Septic Systems? Check out this article from CMHC regarding Septic Systems  

Information on septic systems can be found here.

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Do you need your septic tank pumped?  Don’t wait until your tank is overflowing.  Normally, septic systems need to be pumped every three to four years, depending on size and usage.  Call PK Construction today – we serve the local and surrounding areas of the Annapolis Valley.

The fees for having your tank pumped depend on the size of your tank.

Up to 1000 Gallon = $200.00 + tax
1500 Gallon = $225.00 + tax
2000 Gallon = $250.00 + tax
2500 Gallon = $300.00 + tax
3000 Gallon = $400.00 + tax

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees may apply if you require us to uncover the tank for you, you are located outside of the local area or your tank is difficult to access or requires troubleshooting or repair.

Bio-Clean is a professional Plumbing Treatment that we offer all of our customers for $60.00 + tax.

Call us today to book your Septic Tank pumping 902-678-6335. One of our licensed pump truck operators will be happy to help you!

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